What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Spindle Cappers?

Posted on: 10 July 2023


If you're looking to buy spindle capper machines for your bottling production lines, then you can use semi-automatic or automatic products. While semi-automatic machines improve manual processes, automatic options have extra benefits.

What are the advantages of buying automatic spindle cappers? 

Get Faster Production Times

If your employees manually fit caps to your bottles, then your production times will be longer. You have to factor in the time it takes a worker to fit a cap to a bottle and tighten it. While experienced workers do this job quickly, this manual process increases your overall production time.

Semi-automatic spindle cappers speed up this work to some extent. Your workers will still need to have some input into the capping process—for example, they will need to place bottles under the spindle and move them on after capping. However, the machine shaves off some production time by doing the actual capping work.

If you buy an automatic machine, then you get maximum time-saving benefits. Your workers simply have to fill the machine with caps. It then moves bottles down its line and caps them.

Your production times will be shorter. You can cap bottles faster and more efficiently.

Get All-in-One Capping Versatility

If you manufacture a range of products with caps, then you might use different caps for different bottles and containers. You might not want to buy multiple machines to fit caps to your whole range. You might not want to spend this much money and you might not have enough space for all the machines you need.

Automatic spindle machines can handle a range of containers and caps of different sizes. They can put on screw-on, flat, flip-top, and trigger sprayer caps. You simply have to make a few adjustments to the machine to change its settings for each cap.

You get a more versatile machine that fits your current and future product lines. You don't have to invest in multiple pieces of equipment.

Get Consistent Capping

Even experienced workers will make mistakes when they cap products. They might not tighten caps enough, in which case bottles might open in transit. Or, they might overtighten caps and cause stress breaks in their containers.

Mistakes increase your wastage costs. Customers might ask for refunds if their orders don't arrive intact.

Automatic spindle cappers work consistently. They put on caps evenly and tighten them to your exact specification every time. Your wastage and refund costs will reduce.

To find out more, contact bottling equipment suppliers and ask if they have any automatic spindle cappers for sale.