4 Ways That Nonfat Dry Milk Media Is Used

Posted on: 24 January 2023


Have you never heard of nonfat dry milk media before, but are curious about what it is? This form of milk that has been made into a powder with all of the fat removed has many uses that you may not have heard of. Here are a few examples of how nonfat dry milk media can be used today.

Pet Foods

Nonfat dry milk media is used in several ways manufacturing pet food. It provides a source of protein for pet food for dogs and cats, and is often added for additional nutrition. The calcium also helps improve the teeth and bones of pets to help them stay strong. Nonfat dry milk media also has the ability to be used as a binding agent, which will hold all of the ingredients together and help create a texture that pets enjoy. 

Agriculture Industry Assistants 

Be aware that nonfat dry milk media is also used in the agricultural industry due to how it helps grow crops. It is frequently used in fertilizers, since dry milk media provides potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen as nutrients that help give crops the energy that they need to grow. Nonfat dry milk media is also used as a soil condition, which can help improve the water retention properties that it needs. Livestock can use it as a supplement in their animal feed for mammals that chew the cud.

Nutritional Supplements

You'll find that nonfat dry milk media is in nutritional supplements for a couple of good reasons. Not only does it have high protein content, but it is very easy to use in nutritional products. This is because you can combine dry milk with water and turn it into an easy to prepare beverage, or use it as an ingredient in dry foods. 

It is also worth knowing that some people that are lactose intolerant are able to eat and drink foods that use nonfat dry milk media. This is due to the amount of lactose that is removed in order to make the media, which prevents people from having the intolerance to it. Unfortunately, some lactose is left behind, so it really depends on how intolerant the person is to lactose. That's why it is worth looking out for it on the ingredients list of nutritional bars. 

Pharmaceutical Uses 

There are several ways that the pharmaceutical industry uses nonfat dry milk media that you may not have thought of. It can be added to a medication to improve its taste, but it can also impact how a medication looks. The dry milk media is used as a filler material for lactose tablets.