Useful Protocols For Contractors Getting Started With Manual Machining

Posted on: 24 February 2022


Manual machining is where you manipulate a workpiece with your hands and a tool. It may take longer to complete compared to automatic machining, but sometimes this is preferred in order to get better results. Just make sure you review a couple of protocols before getting started with this form of machining.

Still Use Visual Software

Even though your machining tools won't interact with advanced software that guides them along, you still want to use software to visualize the end results of a particular workpiece. Then you can plan designs and test them before manual machining officially begins. Once you have the right shapes and sizes for a particular workpiece, you can use the visual representations to guide your manual machining efforts along and that's key to not wasting any of these materials. You'll have an in-depth reference point to use any time you need further direction when completing manual machining. 

Practice Keeping a Steady Hand

Since you'll be machining workpieces using your hands, you need to develop the skill of keeping them steady. That's going to help you machine in a more precise way where every workpiece you fabricate is maximized to the fullest. What you can do to start off is hold the manual machine tool in your hand and get used to performing movements without workpieces involved. That can help you build up hand strength and improve muscle memory. Eventually, you'll get to a point where your hand movements are smooth and lead to optimal manual machining.

Properly Equip Your Body for Added Safety

With CNC machining, you can set up a workpiece and then stand back while the machine does its job. Whereas with manual machining, you have to be right beside the workpiece that you're fabricating. That means there are extra safety risks involved, which you need to account for by wearing the right things on your body. Even simple things like safety glasses, gloves, and aprons can help shield your body while you manipulate a workpiece with a manual machining tool. You then won't be as likely to get injured. 

Manual machining is an art and still has a lot of practical advantages today. If you need to do it yourself, make sure you know what this form of machining requires of you before getting started. That will help you stay safe and machine in an optimized manner time and time again. Learn more about manual machining today.