Ordering Manufactured Items From Metal Stamping Services

Posted on: 9 December 2021


Metal stamping is a popular option for manufacturing a variety of components and products. When a business is needing to incorporate metal stamping into its operations, there can be some important questions that need to be answered.

Is Metal Stamping Only Suitable For Smaller Items?

Individuals are often aware that metal stamping services can be suitable for smaller items and pieces of metal. However, they may not realize that it is also possible to stamp larger pieces of metal as well. This can make it suitable to use for projects that will require larger components. The exact size of components that can undergo the metal stamping process will vary depending on the capabilities of the metal stamping manufacturer that you decide to use for your company's needs.  Tthis can be a factor that you want to review when assessing potential metal stamping services you can use.

Is The Metal Stamping Process Slow?

A common assumption about metal fabrication is that it will always be an extremely slow process.  This is not actually the case. Metal stamping is among the quickest options for having large volumes of metal components created. Much of the time that is needed for these projects will involve creating the press plate. Once this step has been completed, the project will likely be completed very quickly even in situations where you are making a large order. If you expect to have these items made again in the future, it may be possible to have the metal stamping manufacturer store the press plate so that the preparation time can be drastically reduced on the next order.

Can Items That Are Metal Stamped Be Protected Against Corrosion?

During the stamping process, the metal will be subjected to intense pressure. However, this does not mean that it is  impossible to utilize a protective coating that will reduce the chances of the metal rusting in the near future. There are numerous options available for protecting the metal against corrosion.  Powder coatings are the more common due to having a low cost while still being extremely durable and effective. The metal stamping manufacturer will be able to assist you with evaluating the corrosion coating options that they are able to provide. This can allow you to more effectively find the right balance between the needs for a coating that is highly durable, effective, and affordable based on the conditions that your metal items can expect to encounter.