Three Entertainment Lighting Rentals To Make Your School Theatrical Event Pop

Posted on: 3 December 2018


Hosting a play in the school theater is one of those events that students and parents will remember for a lifetime. Therefore, as the person overseeing the organization of the event, you will want to do everything you can to make the experience a memorable one. One of the ways you can create a more professional stage appearance is by using the proper kind of lighting. Even if your school auditorium is not outfitted with impressive lighting fixtures, you can still get great lighting by checking with an entertainment lighting rental service, such as Metro Sound & Lighting. Take a look at some of the types of lights you should rent to make the theatrical event pop. 

Followspot Lights

The student who is at center stage during a scene should no doubt be illuminated during the show. However, most school auditoriums are only outfitted with a single stationary spotlight. This means that if the student moves, they have to stay within the light. You can combat this problem and make a more legitimate theatre experience by renting followspot lights. Followspot lights operate just like a spotlight, but they are set up on a manual or automatic arm that allows the light to stay focused on a certain place on the stage. 

Cyc Lights

Cyc lights are square floodlights that evenly illuminate a large area on the stage. When positioned properly, the cycle light can cast a glow over the whole stage to create a daytime effect like the sunlight is shining on the stage. Cyc lights come in a lot of different types, some of which will have different color filters and lenses that you can use to generate different full-stage appearances. Most of the cyc lights you find will be single boxes with bright halogen bulbs. However, you can find cyc lights that boast multiple boxes in a row as well. 

Color Scrollers

Color Scrollers are scrolling lights that can be used as standalone fixtures to light up certain areas of the stage in specific colors. For example, if you have an area of the stage that needs to look like it has taken on a blue haze, you can use a color scroller lighting fixture to create that effect. The color scroller has a scroll of colored lenses you can swap out as needed, but it can also be used as a strobe light of sorts by placing the scroller on a mounted base.