Why Not Assemble Semi-Conductors In Your Industrial Facility?

Posted on: 15 May 2018


As more customers purchase items made in your industrial facility for their own machines and equipment, you might look for ways to control costs and make more components in-house. Semi-conductors are vital for many industrial products, so you may want to create and test them there. However, this could actually be a bad move; there are smart reasons to work with a dedicated semi-conductor manufacturer. Why?

1-Lower Costs

The lower costs that you want might not be that low,especially when comparing them with a dedicated semi-conductor manufacturer. They assemble so many items that all components are likely bought in bulk. Depending on the size of your orders, you may still be paying retail prices for the parts you need. Your overall costs to make semi-conductors could end up being much more than the alternatives.

You will also save in labor costs. Hiring personnel that specialize in semi-conductor design could cost a great deal in terms of salaries and benefits. By simply outsourcing the work, that money will be better used.

2-Better Quality

Even if you bring on trained professionals to produce the semi-conductors for you, it's hard to compete with a manufacturer that only makes semi-conductors. Through their own work, they have come up with the best components and materials. Not only do they have a fine production process that has been honed throughout the life of the company, they have an entire department for testing and re-testing before the semi-conductors are given out to their customers. There is no trial anderror period and you can be confident the pieces work as intended.

You can certainly train your own employees to test semi-conductors well. However, that will mean time away from their other responsibilities and you'll be tasked with finding an expert to conduct the training. The entire process will take both time and money, which may not be in the best interests of your industrial facility as you strive to make the end experience for your own customers. After all, you owe your business customers well-made products that are both assembled and tested rigorously. Working with a dedicated manufacturer of semi-conductors will do that for you without adding more work for everyone involved.

Working with a professional semi-conductor manufacturer will not only save money, but is likely to result in better pieces for your company's equipment and machines. You can operate at a high level because you're putting the best parts into the products your facility creates. Consult a few manufacturers, like Unisem, to determine which could be the best production partner.