3 Features To Look For In A High-Quality Marine Battery

Posted on: 5 April 2018


There are few things in life that will bring you closer to Mother Nature than spending some time in your boat on the open water. Whether you are trolling a freshwater pond for crappie and bass, deep-sea fishing for sharks, or out on the ocean, one of your top priorities is to have a good battery to keep you moving. Yet, too many avid boaters opt for a lower quality battery without even meaning to do so only because they don't know the difference. Here is a short list of features to be looking for in a battery for your boat to ensure you always have the power you need to get your vessel wherever you want it to go. 

Dual Terminals for Easy Connections

The motor you are using on your boat is likely not the only thing that needs power if you are like most boat owners. Therefore, having a trojan battery that has dual terminals is an all-out must. If you have dual terminals, you can connect your motor to one set of posts and lights or onboard fishing gear to another. If you only have a single-terminal battery, you will be forced to disconnect your motor from the battery every time you need to power something else. 

Large Vent Caps to Prevent Leakage

The boat battery you choose has to be resilient to the harsh traveling landscape of the water. From sloshing around in the waves to hitting steep swells during a storm, your boat can go through a lot of rough water, changes in elevation, and rocking. The last thing you need during all of this is a battery that leaks its acid because it is not made in a quality way to combat this problem. Therefore, look for a marine battery that has large vent caps to prevent acid leakage when things do get rough because they almost always will at some point. 

Extended Run Time and Decreased Maintenance

Having to repair, recharge, or replace your boat battery on a constant basis can just interrupt your boating plans and be a nuisance. The higher quality batteries will almost always support extended run times and decreased maintenance. For example, Trojan marine batteries are known to boast exclusive T2 Technology to help support an extended run time and lifespan. Even though these batteries can be a little more expenive, they are well worth the added cost for what you get.