What to Know About Well Pump Repair Services

Posted on: 14 May 2021


Water wells are popular and the industry continues to grow. If you are a proud well owner, learning to take care of the well pump is part of owning a well. The well pump is the most important piece that you should understand, and a well repair professional can keep it running efficiently so that your water well is safe and useful. In this article, you will learn more about well pump repairs.

Repair your water well pump when it is dying so that you can improve poor pressure

If your pump is losing power, making strange noises, or giving you dirty water, it's definitely time to repair your pump. A bad pump will cause your water well to rapidly lose water pressure. Poor water pressure can make it difficult to extract water, and might eventually render the well useless. When you spend long stretches unable to draw water, it can contaminate your water supply, making it undrinkable.

Water pressure varies based on where you live. Study the common pounds per square inch (PSI) for your area, and compare it to the pressure ratings that your pump currently achieves. When pressure is low, a repair professional may need to repair or replace part of the pump, such as the torque arrestor, splice kits, check valves, or other components.

The pressure control switch is a foundational part that keeps the pump working. This is the component that helps to sense the presence of water, and will also keep your well safe. Your pump's pressure control switch has a series of wires and routes electricity so that the part can do its job. After changing out a control switch for your pump, you will need to have the system re-pressurized so that your well stays efficient and useful.

Are you ready to get the water well pump repairs that you need?

Now that you know about some important well pump repairs, it's important to find professionals that offer these services. Speak to some water well pump contractors that can assist you with well pump repair services. Ask some certified water well contractors what brand of pumps or pump parts they sell so that you can quickly get the work done. Repair service for a well pump will usually cost $600 to $800 but the cost depends on the issue that needs fixing.

These tips will help you when you need well pump repair services. To learn more, contact a contractor near you.