Own A Thriving Clothing Design Business? Why You Need Your Cardboard Cores And Other Storage Space

Posted on: 30 October 2017


When you run a thriving business, you require efficiency. Sometimes efficiency means making the most of the space you have and using the tools around you effectively. These rules apply even when you run a sewing business out of your own home. If you design and sew clothes for a living, here are four tips that will help you make efficient use of your time and space.

Keep Bulk Material on Original Cardboard Cores

If you buy bulk material, which you probably do, be sure to keep it on the original cardboard cores, or film cores. You may be tempted to take your material off the cores and fold the bulk pieces. However, that can create space problems inside your work area. For your bulk materials, including fabric, lace, and ribbon, you can store everything neatly on your shelves. Once your material is gone, or you just have a bit left, you can toss your cardboard cores in the recycling bin and fold your smaller pieces for drawer storage.

Make Use of Your Dresser Drawers for Smaller Pieces

Finding storage for material once it's off the cardboard core can be difficult at best. One way to take care of that problem is to make use of your dresser drawers. Most dresser drawers are just deep enough to hold material that's been folded into small squares. Using dresser drawers for your smaller pieces of material will also allow you to separate your pieces by color and texture.

Create Your Own Storage Cabinets for One-Stop Sewing

Beyond your dresser drawers, you can also repurpose old wardrobe cabinets for the storage of your material. One benefit of utilizing wardrobe cabinets is that you can use the flat shelves to store the material that's still on the cardboard cores. Drawers and smaller shelves can be used to store flat, folded pieces and plastic bins.

Get Creative with Your Mason Jars

When it comes to running a thriving clothing design business, you not only need fabric; you also need supplies such as buttons, snaps, and other fasteners. That's where the mason jars come in handy. Mason jars of various sizes can be used to store your fasteners for easy access. Your mason jars will store safely on the shelves inside your cabinets. Smaller mason jars will also fit conveniently inside your spare dresser drawers.

Don't get caught in a maze of fabric and fasteners. Use the tips provided here to store your fabric and supplies safely and efficiently.