5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Metal Staircase Over a Premade Design

Posted on: 22 July 2015


Designing a home with multiple floors means taking extra time to work out the details for each stair case. The strength and durability of metal makes it the ideal material, whether you're considering stainless steel for indoor use or classic wrought iron outdoors. Invest in a custom designed and installed staircase from a metal fabrication company and you'll reap these five rewards.

Improved Safety

When you control the design and dimensions of the staircase, you can add as many safety features as you like. Interesting ideas include

  • Built-in and matching gates at the top and bottom of stairs to keep pets and kids safe
  • Variations on the standard tread depth, width, and riser height to accommodate family members with mobility issues
  • Special textures and finishes for the tops of each step to prevent slips and falls
  • Multi-height handrails so every resident can reach a bar for steadying themselves
  • Glass panels set into the metal risers with lights to illuminate the stairs to enhance visibility.

Tougher Coating

Most metal staircases sold ready to install feature a layer of paint, which is sometimes heat-treated to further enhance its durability. However, custom stair pieces can be dipped in epoxy or enamel, electroplated, anodized, sandblasted, or powder coated before assembly and installation. Many of these coatings last for decades without showing any sign of wear because of a chemical bond with the very surface of the metal. You get effects ranging from a matte finish to the shiniest high gloss, along with a variety of color and texture options.

Matching Style

Do you already know exactly how you want to furnish and decorate the room containing each staircase? Design the treads, railings, and supports with little design accents that match the overall theme of the decor. For example, you can mimic the exposed ceiling beams by asking the fabricators to create a staircase with bold and visible supports under each step.

This is especially important when you're trying to replace a broken or missing staircase in an older home. You can make design changes around a pre-made unit in a new home, but it's a lot more work to renovate an existing area because the new staircase clashes with the surroundings. Of course, you also get a chance to order something truly unique to make the house stand out to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Tighter Fit

No matter how hard the contractors worked to level and smooth the walls in your home, tiny differences remain along the length and height of each wall. If you want your metal staircase to match seamlessly with a wall as it goes up to the next floor, custom fabrication is absolutely crucial. Pre-made stairs usually stand an inch or two away from the wall since it's very difficult to get a tight fit without custom work.

Is space at a premium in a room, but you still want a staircase? Modular and spiral designs stay compact while allowing access between floors. The fabricators can build the stairs to the opening instead of requiring you to trim the upper floor or move a wall to accommodate certain dimensions.

Stronger Design

Many pre-made straight metal stair designs rely on large support posts or a solid base to hold up the highest steps. If you want a more open design that leaves the floor space open under the stairs, stick with a custom fabrication order. The shop team can design cantilever beams that transfer the weight of the stairs downward and at an angle, and extra welding work keep the seams strong enough to hold everything together while someone walks up and down the steps.